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Owner chef Osamu Uchino and his partner Rico have opened ”Absolutely chez Uchino” in Mosman Park since 2005. Their aim is to produce TASTY, AFFORDABLE but still HEALTY FOOD. The food is suited to everyone and ranges from Japanese to European cuisine. They offer casual BYO dine in, Take away, Food to Go, Catering and also Chef’s Hire Service for your special Events. Bookings are essentials for the Dine in, as they are limited tables. They can organize special menu for your dine in, however you need to arrange it by the phone.


[ European restaurant ] - Absolutely Chez Uchino - Recommend1 French Lamb cutlet

Lamb chop is coated with Pork ferce, lightly crumbed and pan fried. Their Lamb is from Amelia Park coming from the south west in WA. That is one of the best lamb in Australia. So it is worth try.
[ European restaurant ] - Absolutely Chez Uchino - Recommend2 Pork Miso-Katu

This Pork dish is regional dish from Nagoya, Japan where Rico comes from. Once Osamu tried it, he loved it. That’s why they put it on the menu. This is one of the most popular dishes for Locals.
[ European restaurant ] - Absolutely Chez Uchino - Recommend3 Frozen Meals

For a quick, tasty and light dinner, they are not only healthy but delicious and very affordable. ($4.50-$8.50). Made from fresh ingredients and using the correct portions to stay healthy. This is one fast food that will not damage waistline. (above picture is Beetroot with Orange Soup $5.50 for 2 people)
[ European restaurant ] - Absolutely Chez Uchino - Recommend4 Tartlet
Above the picture shows 5 kinds of Savouries tartlets. Each flavour is taken it into Delicate consideration by chef Osamu. Please give them notice 24 hours.
[ European restaurant ] - Absolutely Chez Uchino - Recommend5 Sushi
Osamu & Rico loves sushi. Popular ingredients are fresh Salmon, fresh Tuna, Chicken Teriyaki, Tuna-salad with homemade mayonnaise, Prawns, grilled Eggplant and sun-dried tomato, Avocado & Cucumber. They made to order so it is so Fresh !!
[ European restaurant ] - Absolutely Chez Uchino - Recommend6 Shiitake Mushroom and Spinach Risotto
This is one of popular take away dish from fridge foods. Just warm it up by the microwave. Shiitake mushrooms give delicate taste. This is the one of Osamu’s unique innovate fusions with European technique and a hint of Japanese touch.

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Parking in Rear.
We are serving special dishes.
Please feel free to ask on the phone.
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